The Community Children's Shelter 
& Family Service Center, Inc.


To empower and advocate for children, adolescents and families at risk in South Central Oklahoma through home, agency and school-based programs offering temporary shelter for children and adolescents, integrated behavioral health outpatient counseling, prevention and intervention services. 

They come to us at all hours, escorted by policemen or Department of Human Service Workers. They are tall, short, innocent and street wise. They are different ages, different sizes and different colors. They are scared, angry & crying!
The Community Children's Shelter   
& Family Services Center, Inc.    
Executive Director
Leslie W Christian
Here at the Shelter, there are many questions we cannot answer, but we do what we do very well and that is provide shelter for our displaced children.  It is as simple and as complex as that.
Our organization has been serving Carter County and surrounding areas for over 40 years. We support the family and children of our community in their time of need and work towards a greater good. We help those seeking help and do not discriminate. Thank you to the Community Children's Shelter many contributors.
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